Be aware of Forex scamers and their methods of deception!

What to look for and what to pay attention to!

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FXSyndicate stands for integrity and openness. We believe in educated clients that know the real value of a professional service. However, in order to reach that level of understanding a few key aspects you first must known them. Please read very carefully below:

#1. Identity and presentation. Usually a website that wants you to buy their service will at least spend enough to make a proper website, if the business is a serious one. If you see a website poorly designed, it's a first sign that it's not operated by a professional company and therefore, the first sign that it must be avoided.

#2. Common lies. Usually some websites claim that they have 50 members in their team. If it is so, it shouldn't be too hard for them to provide you some pictures from their corporate parties, meetings etc. If they start driving you around you can bet it's a lie. There were many people coming to us from a website that claimed that, and I can guarantee that they only have 2, not 20, not 50! And neither one of them is a QAM (Qualified Asset Manager), like for example FXSyndicate head of traders is. So pay attention to details like that. If it sounds bogus, it might very well be. A Facebook page with 300k likes and only 2 comments from fake profiles can't be right.

#3. Performance proofs. And this is maybe the most important aspect of them all. Check for performance. Not a bad sign if you will see demo accounts, AS LONG AS they are fully verified on 3rd parties such as Myfxbook. That same company with "50 traders in our team" is claiming that all their performance is verified on real accounts. In fact all their masters are demo accounts and none onf them is fully verified. The only real account is a USCent one, advertised as a $25000 real money and the real balance is $250 only. It's a trick that some are doing.

#4. Service reports. Do you see claims about huge amounts of pips? Do you think they have discovered the holy grail? Think again! The ones advertising this are also saying that it is all done by their "50 traders team" manually. The cold truth is that no trader can do such amounts of pips, except by using a robot. Like Martingale EA, which opens positions in a pyramid style, resulting only in highly increased risk and no technicals at all. We all know where that leads. So FORGET ABOUT PIPS. No good trader is interested about pips, that's just a marketing glitch. Often they are a misleading tool to steal your eyes and make you pay for... margin call!

#5. Ask for MT4 statements. The ones doing above mentioned practices won't ever be able to show you a verified MT4 Stament for periods over 3-6 months. It's a simple fact and this is because after they blow up the master (and clients of course), they change it with a new one. And if you don't pay attention to this very important aspect, you might easily get fooled. Don't! Ask questions. Ask as many questions as you can have about every aspect. If at ANY GIVEN POINT they start to get offended by the fact that you are placing so many questions, just tell them goodbye! It means they have something to hide. Don't believe stuff like "if you don't like it then it's your problem, our clients are happy" - JUST DON'T! It's all a lie and you will soon find out all about this from your own money.

#6. ROI not pips! Stop counting pips like it's a hunting for pokemons. Who really care about pips anyway? There are "providers" that like I mentioned, claim to make 10000 pips a day, but all those pips actually mean negative balance in $. There are instruments that are making hundreds of pips which translate in few $ and compared to a currency pair that lost 100 pips equal to many $, won't show a great performance. You must be focused on building capital, slowly and wisely and maybe most of all with a great deal of responsibility. Not to chase the game of pips.

#7. Prices and Free Trials. If someone is asking you to pay $1000 for a bot that will destroy your account and you pay it, you deserve it! If the provider is good and has nothing to hide at all, will offer you decent prices and most of all FREE TRIAL period so you can see if paying a cent to them is really worth somthing. FREE TRIAL, no matter what. Paying 1$ to get "free trial" does not mean free trial!

#8. Pay attention to their masters. The people advertising 10000 pips a day and telling you that all is done by their "50 traders in our team" will always have a huge balance master account with little history (or a hidden one). The reason is very simple: it's a Martingale EA that opens hundreds of trades per day with no technical reason at all. When a bad news comes up, the bot will not follow that and it will blow up your account. Because 30% loss on a $100000 demo master is not a problem, but 30% from your small real account will be a huge loss in one day. Such thing is simply not sustainable and I've seen many margin calls on the accounts of holders that did not believed in this.

#9. Be a responsible trader. If you are only focused on daily pips or $, then Forex is not for you. Professional companies like FXSyndicate are focused on delivering ROI, which means a good % per month, 6 months or year. If the trading process is reliable and done by professionals, you might see months with low % and months with very decent % but all that matters is that you will not see margin call and you will always have money in your account. REMEMBER: 98% of the "traders" are losing their investments in maximum 6 months. The other 2% know that you need a very responsible trading to make profit and such thing is clearly not done if you chase daily pips. We are talking about high risk financial instruments here, not about a "get rich quick" scheme.

#10. Don't get frustrated. If a provider has made you a certain amount of profit in a week, but lost 20% of that in the next week, don't start bashing their capability to trade. No one is always right and no one can control the market. If your risk appetite is low, do yourself a favor and don't start trading Forex.

Have doubts in a service or website? Contact us and we'll analyse it for you in the most honest manner and we'll also show with proofs which ones are scams.