Why we should manage your investment?

Summarized, with direct link to more information, all the proper argumentation for you allowing us to manage your investment portfolio:

1. Accredited and qualified asset managers, certfied by Swiss banks

We are a grup of certified and acredited professional traders with a wide range of certification. This is a strong indication that your money are on good hands.

2. Over 15 years in the markets with intensive positive and verified results

Long certified trading history with clear indication of a proper risk/reward ratio for a healthy medium-long term plan.

FXS General Stats
Performance update explained - 150% in Sept 2019
Real account statement 1
Real account statement 2
Real account statement 3
Real account statement 4

3. Over 1000 investors managed, AUM 43M usd

Hand-picked genuine investors, accepted after a proper interview being conducted. Over 43 million USD in total investments.

4. Responsible approach for medium-long term returns

We are only interested in creating wealth on long term and to protect the capital. The ROI comes second.

5. Outstanding risk management

The safety of our trading process is unparalelled. We compromise nothing and we proceed with intensive care for the client investment.

6. Diversified portfolios for big investors

Clients with a bigger capital are being presented with a reliable diversification offer that includes several types of Forex accounts as well as stocks portfolio.

7. Average 25% ROI on a 6-12 months period, with an absolute peak at 145% in September 2019
Solid returns with months closed at 10% but also at a much larger percentage of ROI. Everything performed on the same rules of safety.

8. "NO MARGIN CALL" rule abied by with great responsibility

This is our main rule: client funds are protected, no matter the time-frame taken to deliver a certain ROI.

9. Robust trading operations based on pure mathematical patterns with 100% success rate

We do not perform daily multiple and risky trading operations just to have some movement on the portfolio. We trade only mathematical patterns on our custom designed, tested and confirmed trading system.

10. Reliable financial planning and full set of advice given to every investor for maximum confidence

Every investor will receive all the advice he needs in order to make the proper judgement on his investment. We ask, we listen and we advice for the best outcome.

11. Honesty, transparency and professionalism, all embodied in our daily business practice.

Every principle we base our business practice is a very healthy one, from service presentation with no misleading information to results provided.

12. 24/7 investor support

Alwways ready to listen and help.

13. Clear targets and accepted client profile

Please see THIS to understand what we demand from our investors.

If based on the above you are the type of client we would like to work with, you are more than expected to send us an email and start the process!