Thank you!

For your trust, loyalty and consideration

Message from the CEO & Founder / Andrew Host

Dear investors,

FXSyndicate was formed with the only goal to provide investors with the best trading experience, a safe and consistent one and with the best support in the industry. We want to syndicate all the Forex traders that have fallen for numerous SCAMS in the industry and lost a lot of money. And for that, the first thing to be mentioned is that all our services come with a FREE TRIAL period!

Many of you know me from various projects where we have collaborated in the past few years. I have always strived for excellence, to provide you with the best customer support experience, present you all the facts and help on all levels of my attributions. Unfortunately not all aspects of that particular venture was controlled personally by me and many of you suffered losses. This is the main reason for why I have decided to form FXSyndicate.

I do not wish to see another trading account blown by the pure incompetence of those who had a bigger power of decision, but had no clue on how to run a business based solely on how good your service is or how to perform a safe trading activity for all clients, big or small. Some people only care about making pips in their big balance master accounts and do not realize that clients with smaller accounts will end up hitting margin call or get a poor % on returns on their investments. The same people can not control their emotions when the "so called" strategy is failing and the result is only one: blown accounts by overtrading in a desperate try to save what it can be saved. None of that will ever exist in FXSyndicate!

FXSyndicate has now a very strong team of financial advisers, fund managers and economic analysts who will make sure that every client that will ever choose to use our services will not only get what they pay for, but they will pay for it for a long time! A satisfied trader has no reasons to quit a service if he is making decent and consistent profits and clearly see that the way trading is performed is a safe and reliable one and not a vortex of hypocrite decisions that can do no good at all.

I ask you all to consider giving FXSyndicate a chance, get in for the FREE TRIAL period and see that it will be worth using our service in your Forex trading journey. Thank you for your past business, hundreds of great reviews and consideration for our collaboration and I can promise you that everything that can be done has been done so that every one of you will have a much better trading experience!

/ August 20, 2016 /