Investor Q/A

What type of client are you?

1. What kind of money can you afford to invest?

If you want to start with a $1000 account and ask for trials and discounts, you are not the client we want to work with. The minimum deposit we recommend is $5000 because that can be scaled up in a healthy manner, both risk and ROI. If you invest money you can not afford to lose and clearly mention that, you will not be accepted as a client.

2. Do you want to work with offshore brokers or are you keen in keeping your old and maybe unregulated one?

If you do not understand and accept that Oanda (US clients) and our Swiss bank/broker partner (rest of the world) are the best options, because of the fact that they are fully regulated, have total protection of funds and the performance will match 100% ours, we have a problem. We do not work with clients that think that they will ever see their money again if they keep them in an unregulated or offshore broker. We want our clients educated, to stay with us for years, and be able to use the profits we generate. So doing as advised by us will be the best decision you will ever make. Our Swiss partner is a Swiss broker/bank and you can not ask for a better place to keep your money!

3. Do you want to withdraw every week and expect unrealistic gains over night?

While we had more than one case where we were able to generate 30% in a few hours, this does not happen every day. So called investors that seek to get rich fast with small accounts, withdraw money every week and do not understand the power of compounding, are definitely not the type of clients we will ever accept. We don`t want your quick buck, we want your business for years, and unrealistic desires or suggestions are not matching our philosphy and way of trading.

4. Will you get highly frustrated if your first 1 or 2 trades will not be profitable?

If you think you can not invest patience also and let us do what we know best, if you can`t understand the risks and what financial investments means and if you think that seeing 30% DD or a bad session after a good one (in other words, not always straight profits) is unprofessional, you will not be accepted by us and you will be banned from using our service in the second we realize you are that type of individual. We know very well what we are doing and we have proven it in many ways, over a very long period of time and for many clients. So we will not tolerate inadequate behaviours.

5. Do you think our fees are high?

Well then you will surely not be accepted now or in the future. Every investor should be able to conclude that the performance we provide is totally worth paying for. The fees are designed in such manner that every client will generate enough profits to be fully satisfied, even on a monthly basis. You can always go to a lower price, poorly desgined scammer website, where we wish you good luck!...

6. Do you fully understand the risks involved?

While we had only 1 negative month in 24 months of verified trading which was rapidly recovered and while the strict rules of risk management are being obeyed on a daily basis, you must know that there are always risks in Forex trading. And by that we mean that even if our trading is based on the principle of "NO MARGIN CALL. EVER." we might suffer losses, which of course will be recovered.

7. Do you have any doubts in the way we trade and in what we can do for you?

Then everything is clear! Please do not buy anything from us and exit the website right away! FXSyndicate is based on strong principles such as honesty, integrity and profesionalism. We do not want your money if you are not fully placing your trust in us. There are others that will feed you all the pretty lies for a few dollars. Not us.

If based on the above you are the type of client we would like to work with, you are more than expected to send us an email and start the process!