Compensation Fund

$500.000 in segregated accounts

We protect our investors


Every investor we work with is well aware of the fact that financial investments are carrying a certain degree of risk. We explain absolutely everything prior to accepting that investor into our program. Every technical aspect as well as every risk is very well presented and every investor decision is made according to that.

However, our philosophy is not to abandon the investor. If a scenario in which our long term strategy fails should exist and the account balance drops 90% below the initial value, we will fund the investor's account with the difference, up to $20.000. For this we allocated $500.000 in segregated accounts to serve as needed. This comes after our recently extablished NO FEE/COMMISSION practice.

We never had a case where this had to be activated, but in today's market conditions we feel that the good quality investors should feel more protected. Apart from every other aspects of our service, including the perfect performance stats, we consider this to be another proof of reliability of our business practice, as well as safety for every qualified investor.

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