The FXSyndicate

If you can not find the answers you need in our website, this section is for you. Should you have more queries about our service or business practice please contact us on Live Chat, Skype or Email.

What type of Forex service do you provide?
We provide Forex account management and financial investment counseling. We are QAM ready to assist you and operate your funds in a highly professional matter.
What pairs do you provide signals for?
We do not provide regular signals anymore and our managed account option will be provided based on our sole discretion according to each session in particular.
I am not experienced. Can I still join?
If you fit the accepted client profile then you are most welcomed to contact us and apply for our service. If you are not sure what the client profile we accept is, kindly read THIS, THIS and also THIS.
How about DD (draw-downs)?
A good Forex account manager will always have a low DD. That is one of our main philosophies here at FXSyndicate so we always try to keep it as low as we can. While others say that the maximum that can ever happen is 15% and they go up to 99%, we will just mention that our plan is to keep the DD close to a 20% range.
What Forex Broker should I work with?
There are only a few trully reliable brokers in the industry and one of them is Swissquote. We also use Oanda for US traders. All our clients are highly protected by our partnership with them so you will not encounter any issue having your investment there, hence we highly recommend you to use our recommended brokers.
Is your service available worldwide?
Yes, we welcome clients from all over the world. If your jurisdiction allows you to trade financial instruments, you can sign up for our services.
How big should my investment be?
We recommend only 2 things: Never invest money you can not afford to lose and if you do want to invest, a minimum of $5000 is recommended. The bigger the account is, the larger can the profit be. Please read our RISK and TERMS sections in the footer section.
What type of support do you provide?
We are always on LIVE CHAT, Email, Skype, Phone. We provide a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week full support.