FXSyndicate 5+ Years Performance Stats

Over 5000% NET profit since inception
150% September 2019 / 250% March 2020

Myfxbook VERIFIED performance

Future performance may be different and you should consult the Risk Warning page before making any investing decision!
Trading Forex and CFDs is risky!
Detailed performance for every week / month in particular, for a better insight of our service.
All the services we provide are verified by a 3rd party, such as Myfxbook. Every trade is recorded, everything is transparent.


Investors from all over the world


Funds under management


Total growth since inception


Average monthly return

It's simple. NO Margin Call. Ever!

Complete Forex Managed Account Solution

Created 5 years ago, refined over 1 year in heavy testing and implemented to trade full time for clients 4 years ago.
The results? Over 5000% NET profit since inception with perfectly acceptable DD.

We use a slightly different strategy on the PREMIUM service, resulting in a more stable and profitable ROI. We perform trading operations based on several patterns and on various timeframes and we are safe to say that we aim for only 100% success rate, even if you will not see a lot of movement on a daily basis. What we care about is monthly and yearly ROI which will always be positive including the service fees.

The FXSyndicate 4+ Years Performance

Minimal risk was used for FXS Alpha 4+ and FXS Omega 4+ / Investors with greater customized risk and 23% monthly avg

Ongoing Performance

+250% NET Profit in March 2020 based on COVID-19 trading analysis

Alternative Performance

FXS QUANTUM 3000 HR and Alternative Performance

Due to old masters being discontinued by the broker, we are keeping them for performance showcasing while continue the trading process on new ones. We will be adding new performance as we move forward. Kindly check the UPDATE section. Some master accounts are kept for performance showcasing only as they are verified since service inception. The lvg is 1:30 due to ESMA. Master accounts with our Swiss bank/broker partner are at lvg 1:100 so the profit shown here is actually 3 times smaller than what clients are receiving. Please note that we lately have found Myfxbook unreliable in verifying stats with unrealistic DD values and profit points, therefore our MT4 statements are a more reliable source of verification.

Intensive Backtest Performance
Intensive Backtest Performance

The FXSyndicate Performance

33 active mathematical patterns
1 main fixed mathematical pattern and 32 secondary variable mathematical patterns.

- main pattern: from $10.000 to $800.000 in 8 years (240 transactions)
- secondary patterns: different ROI (50%, 200%, 400% each and more with manual intervention for VIP clients)
- Quantum HR service designed to provide up to 3000% yearly ROI
- Quantum HR Backtest: from $5.000 to $487.839
- Quantum HR Backtest: from $50.000 to $2.133.140

NOTE: Past performance should not be an absolute indicator of future incomes. Before making any investment decision you should consider our Risk and Terms sections. For refference you can check this CASE STUDY.

We are qualified asset managers!

Avg 23% monthly ROI provided /NO margin call probability


Clients are always happy when the service is reliable, honest in every aspect and above all, profitable on a long term.

I have been using the FX Syndicate signals for the past two weeks and have found their services very satisfactory. So far I get exactly what I've been told and hope it will keep that way

Shadiq Khan, Indonesia

I was a little skeptical about purchasing your Forex signals because I have had negative experiences in the past. In general, if something seems too good to be true, it usually turns out to be a scam. Your service is a real exception to that rule and I can confidently recommend it to anyone interested in Forex trading.

Edmund Doherty, Ireland

When my husband started to use this service I was against the whole thing. However, it was a total surprise when we got more money in the bank after a few months. I realized these are good quality signals and not the next scam.

Connie Sullivan, USA

FX Syndicate is a fantastic provider to be involved with. Andrew is not only great to work with in terms of customer support; he is also a good and very understanding person. It is rare combination in this business.

Dorian Culhan, England

I have tested several signals services since 2012 and I can definitely put FX Syndicate at the top of my list. I think they have a nice trading style and the performance page reflects exactly their trades.

Markus Obber, Germany

A reliable source of profitable signals and very good value for money. Your team is very good. Excellent performance so far.

Martha Fox, Scotland

This service is A+ and I can only recommend it to everyone out there who is struggling to make some pips!

Fabrizio Monticelli, Italy

These signals have considerably boosted my profits and I will not hesitate to recommend them to any trader who is interested. Great support, fair reports!

Fernando Hoya, Spain

Good value for money. The customer service is fast and efficient. I have followed their signals via emails with reasonably good results.

Barbara Samir, Italy