FXS Quantum 2.0

Future performance may be different and you should consult the Risk Warning page before making any investing decision!
Trading Forex and CFDs is risky!

FXS Quantum 2.0 is now active!

After 3 years of heavy testing we have finally reached the ultimate version of the Quantum Patterns! (July 2020)

High Risk / High Reward non-typical mathematical trading. While we use a much safer trading pattern for low risk investment accounts that comes with low risks, we deployed the latest version of our highly profitabale approach that comes with certain risks, FXS QUANTUM 2.0. This is why the recommended investment is $5000-$10000 only for this approach while the main investment is held secured without risks on the Premium Service.

As seen below, all the years were profitable even though the differences betwen years are big. Nonetheless, even the worse year had almost $7.400 profit (2019) and that means a return of 50% on the initial investment. Much better than the safer approach and a risk worth taken. Having 2 types of accounts is still highly recommended!

This service has NO FIXED FEES. Contact us for more details!

The Performance

2015 - initial deposit $5000 / NET profit - $10.160.323,65
2016 - initial deposit $5000 / NET profit - $1.916.282,09
2017 - initial deposit $5000 / NET profit - $38.563,30
2018 - initial deposit $5000 / NET profit - $129.250,17
2019 - initial deposit $5000 / NET profit - $7.324,15
2020 - initial deposit $5000 / NET profit - $51.150,35

FXS Quantum 1.0 (2017)
Created for big investors with certain possibility of providing even a 3000% yearly ROI. This service is designed for existing or new clients with special conditions and terms. FXS Quantum is an unique set of mathematical patterns applied to an investor's account which provide a high risk trading operation with 1/10 chances of hitting margin call at some point but also providing up to 3000% yearly ROI. Any investor that choses to activate it is well aware of this fact and fully understand the probabilities. FXS Quantum HR can generate even 50% on a good trading session, but we conservatively presume an average of 300% - 400% monthly ROI.

A minimum of $3000 balance is required to start the FXS Quantum on the designated account. We recommend using this as a secondary service since the first account would be on the Alchemist / Premium and would be 100% protected. FXS Quantum should be used for risk diversification on your portofolio and should be considered as a very acceptable loss. The balance on your Quantum account should be about 30% from your Premium one.

EXAMPLE: The client has a $10.000 account on the Alchemist / Premium with 100% safe trading and another $3000 account on the FXS Quantum, where we activate the special set of mathematical patterns for a more aggresive trading style with a much larger profit probability. Any account on the FXS Quantum can double its starting balance in a matter of days/weeks.

THE COST: FXS Quantum represents a very exclusive service and we carefully select the investors before accepting them. As a consequence, you must contact us if you wish to activate it on your account. There is no fixed fee for the Quantum service, however we ask for a performance fee, between 30% and 50% from the generated profit, depending on your account balance.

The Performance