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Are you fit for trading Forex?

My name is Andrew Host and I am the CEO & Founder of the

In the past 12 years I have worked with more than 10000 Forex traders, investors and interested individuals who were seeking advice, reliable services and methods on how to better perform on the Forex market. Let me tell you... The industry is very diverse in all its aspects, it's like a hydra with many services and individuals using and providing them, all seeking to make profits.

The main players are the Forex brokers and the Forex traders, after which comes to additional services like Forex signals, Forex account management, news and indicators providers. All these are players interacting with each other so the connections are multiple, but all leading to the final point: the Forex trader. He is the final piece of the puzzle, the one that benefits or not.

More than 90% of the Forex traders are losing money and this is due to a certain number of aspects. I will, based on my own experience and views, give some examples of genuine investors and advices for those who are not.

1. The Broker
There are 100+ Forex brokers operating in the industry, differentiated by 2 main aspects: Market Makers or ECN / STP. The investor must know what these 2 means and he should conclude that a Market Maker will always play against him. A responsible investor will not deposit his money into an offshore, unregulated or poorly regulated broker, because the chances of him seeing those money again are very low. After the ESMA rules taking into action, almost all reliable brokers have a cap at 1:30 leverage. Still there are unregulated and offshore brokers who will let you use even 1:1000. The mirage is strong and many will fall for it.

ADVICE: Never use an offshore or unregulated broker. There are only a 3, 4 really reliable brokers in the industry!

2. The Equity
Before making any investment decision, any responsible trader should know and accept the fact that you need money to make money. I have seen thousands of individuals seeking to make unrealistic profits with a low $500 account. That won`t happen unless you are a professional and you will build it step by step, with very rigid rules of risk management, over a long period of time. Of course, you will see advertising claiming to do that on a daily basis, but that is just a scamming method and unfortunately many fall for it.

ADVICE: Never start with a low balance account. A $5000 initial investment would be a healthy start!

3. Investor qualities
What I call a good investor material is one that knows how to put patience above all. Emotions in trading are a real thing and you need to manage your instincts very well, otherwise they will manage you and the results will most likely have a negative impact on your investment. If you can not stand to see a certain degree of risk or draw-down in an open session, Forex trading might not be for you. I have seen traders and managers acting reckless when seeing negative sessions, raising the risk by quite a lot hoping to recover the lost funds and heading straight to margin call. The investor must be educated with strong financial principles, to understand the risks involved and the methods to handle and using them to generate consistent profits.

ADVICE: Never invest money you can not afford to lose and never trade money based on emotions and primary instincts!

4. The strategy
When you place your money in the market we must assume that you already have a very good understanding of it and you already know that unrealistic gains does not happen overnight. You must plan your investment for medium - long term. A $5000 investment can reach a few millions in a few years. Of course it will take you a few years, but in a few years you will either be a millionaire or short of a $5000 amount. As a genuine investor you will always build capital slowly and responsible and once you reach a certain level you can diversify it and split it into multiple investments based on multiple strategies, rather than risking everything from the start.

ADVICE: Do not expect unrealistic gains overnight with a low investment. Plan it carefully and responsibly on long term!

5. Professional management
Rather than losing his money on the markets by failing to understand that it takes years and years to master a profitable strategy, a responsible investor should look for professional account management if he is really decisive on investing in the Forex market. As an investor willing to let someone else manage your money, you must always get all your facts about that someone. Ask for performance proofs, analyze the way they trade, their business practice, the risk management strategy and the consistency in delivering profitable outcomes. Anything short of that, you might just do yourself a favor and stay away.

ADVICE: Always let someone manage your investment portfolio only if you are 100% convinced that your money are on good hands!

REMEMBER: Forex trading is a risky affair and should be done only by those who really understand all the key aspects of this industry. Many individuals do not understand how important this is and it results in them losing their money. Get educated, hold your emotions, choose the best environments for trading and take care of your profits! There are people on the Forex market that embodied unhealthy principles because they were fed with all the lies and unrealistic goals for so many time that they have reached a point where they highly believe the million dollar trade is just around the corner. It`s not!

If based on the above you are the type of client we would like to work with, you are more than expected to send us an email and start the process!