Investor profile / Investment philosophy

FXSyndicate represents an exclusive group of qualified asset managers
World class tailored investment services

Uppon taking advantage of FXSyndicate investment options, we must ensure that our objectives matches your demands and profile. We work only with reputable brokers and with appropriate investor mindset. Most of our clients are high net worth, exprienced and medium-long term orientated individuals and corporations, selected based on several key aspects.

Investor profile
We take "know-your-client" rule very serious. We mantain an exclusive status and we aim to deliver tailored and specific solutions to every client in particular. Our objective is to manage those who are looking to invest their portofolio into a medium-long term. We do not seek to work with individuals aiming for short term unrealistic gains. If you are that type of investor, you will probably not get the "client" status with us. Please read THIS and also THIS.
The investor needs to have an entrepreneurial mindset. While our performance is impeccable, nothing outstanding can be achieved over a very short period of time. You are NOT an investor we wish to work with if you invest money you can not afford to lose and wait for very short term gains. Your profile is not fit for us if you can not afford to pay our fees.
Investment philosophy
Our approach to the trading operations and the set of core beliefs we master is a perfect way of thinking about the markets and how they work. We are qualified asset managers, seasoned professionals, dedicated to create success. We have established and abide by the highest standards. The message is very concise and effective, backed up by a solid and proven performance track.
The investment must not be viewed as a short term position, but rather as an income genrator and capital appreciation. And that can be achieved only by sustained growth over the medium-long term. The quality of the service we provide will definitely ensure that any investment will get a healthy return on a monthly basis.