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Dedicated JV Partnership Program

Work with us, add your value!

The FXSyndicate is an independent investment and financial services group that offers alternative asset management in specialized markets to a wide range of clients. We are a conglomerate of financial market professionals, analysts, risk managers, and qualified advisers dedicated to provide a diverse range of investment services to cater all types of investors in many different kinds of financial situations.

Our core philosophy and goal is to generate safe, secure, and consistent return on investments for all our clients. Uncompromising risk management and a robust, proven trading system are the top key essential elements necessary to produce long term, profitable trading results.

We are looking to expand our presence anywhere in the world where we can work with influencers, marketers, business consultants, financial advisers and anyone that has or work with potential leads. Anyone accepted into our partnership program will be able to offer a professional and reliable investment opportunity and a safe passive income source to the investors they bring in. Please read below about our service key points:

#1. Professionalism and performance - Our performance is impeccable! We generate an average of 25% monthly ROI with peaks of even 145%, like it happened in September 2019. Anyone using our service hasn`t experienced a negative month so far. While keeping the risk to a minimum, we always generate a very reasonable profit margin.

#2. Accessible Service - Anyone interested can be our client as long as he/she meets the minimum criteria we demand to be respected: does not invest money they can not afford to lose, understands what we are doing, has a minimum recommended investment of $5000. We are working only with responsible investors with a mindset for it and we commit to not disappoint them! Procedure is as follows: the leads will come to our website and should they choose to join us, they will create and fund a Forex broker account and provide us with the login details so we can operate on it. This will start right after they buy one of our service plans and gain the "Client" status. We can not withdraw their funds, we can only lose or multiply them based on the type of login credentials we will have.

#3. Partnership - Partners will present our services along with all the details we provide and will direct the lead to us where we will handle all the necessary and credit the partner for that particular client. The compensation is up to be discussed and agreed upon. We seek to work only with very dedicated partners that will put passion in it and will be driven towards results. Therefore, some applications will be rejected. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details!